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I currently work in stainless steel (I hate polishing/sanding/smelling rusty metal and don't have a squire to polish it for me). I use bronze mostly for accent pieces and jewelry, although I can make armor and clothing pieces out of it. It does look nice and is a change from silver metals, but it can't take as much of a beating as stainless. I do most of my jewelry and accessory work in 3/8' rings with a thickness of 1/16. Armor is done in 1/2' rings with a thickness of 1/16.

I make many different items out of chainmail, from armor to jewelry and other accessories such as belts, skirt and pant accents, headpieces, necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Some pieces have crystals or bells on them, almost all my work is custom to order, just let me know what you want.

As an estimate of cost, the metal (for stainless) is about $8-10 per pound, an average full maile shirt weights between 12-30 lbs (material costs then between $90-$250). It takes me approx. 80-100 hours to make a shirt (this works out to less than $6.00 an hour!) So if you think it's expensive, just remember this is all hand done, there is no machine that makes it. (note: shark suits and most butchers gloves are woven wire, not traditional pattern made chainmail)
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