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Belts, Skirt Accents

All are made by using 5/8' rings with a thickness 3/32 made out of stainless steel.


come in many varieities. Some have extra chains draping from them. Some samples are below.

Belt from front [belt front.JPG] Belt from side [belt1sde.JPG]

Skirt Accents

are similar to belts except they usually are larger. They often have chains draping from them, and colored crystals also. Some samples are below. Note: the first belt in the belt section could be called a skirt accent.

Samples under construction

Although I currently don't have many picture samples, if you see any picture of a regular belt, chain belt, or somthing similar from other pages, catalogs or magazines,w I can duplicate them or expand upon designs.

Here is a skirt I did for a suit of armor. It could be done as a skirt by itself. The skirt was tapered in the front, instead of being the same length all the way around.

Click on either picture for a close-up of the skirt.

[suit of armor][suit of armor]

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